In solid-state physics, the Kronig-Penny model is for showing the way periodic arrays of potential wells provide bands of allowed states with gaps. This knowledge is important in making things such as diodes, LED, and transistors. These are important components of electronics today. Schrödinger equation in nuclear physics aids in calculating the trends in atomic numbers and decay rates. We find this very important in nuclear energy production, in medicine, and indifferent lab applications. In explaining the photoelectric effect, you do not need photons but perturbation theory and approximations are what you need. They are very important. State-vector notations in the No-Cloning theorem help in the processes of cryptography, teleportation, ad basic quantum computing (Orzel, par 8). In subjects such as chemistry, quantum chemistry explains many important aspects. For instance, it explains how different inorganic and organic compounds are bonded. This is by relating the various orbitals that exist in different atoms.

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